Gallery Style Break

The most popular selection to unleash the breaker in you.

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Room Style Break

Want to take a break in privacy? Have your own dedicated room to get your hands dirty with tools like golf clubs and baseball bats to get creative in your breaking.

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Scenario Room Break

The ultimate experience. Break away in a themed room that rotates regularly. From dive bars to office space you'll be able to immerse yourself in ground-breaking entertainment.

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The Milwaukee Break Room

Ever wonder what it'd be like if you walked into your kitchen, opened all the cabinets, and just started breaking things? Well us over at the Milwaukee Break Room are here so you can wonder no more.

Cause some havoc in a safe environment where you don't have to clean up the aftermath. Bring your smartphone and plug in your angriest (or calmest) tunes and be free to let glass fly!


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